# Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I recently finished reading the first chapter of ASP.NET MVC 1.0, which deals strictly with the Nerd Dinner site that 3 of the 4 authors of the book put together.  This book has been a delight to read to this point and I highly recommend it.  In reading the first chapter I wrote  the code along with the book.  I wanted to make the code a source of reference for me in the future so while I was coding I added comments detailing points of interest from the book.  Along the way I thought making it available to the masses might be a good idea.  Since I wasn't sure on the legal ramifications of putting exact text from a book into my code comments I contacted one of the authors.  I received an email from said author a day later and he stated, and I quote “I say blog first, ask permission later.”  So that is exactly what I am doing.  You can download the full source here. Below is a sample...

        /// <summary>
        /// Attempts to perform an edit on the Dinner with the provided id using the provided formValues
        /// URL     :   /Dinners/Edit/[id]
        /// Verb    :   Post
        /// Purpose :   Save the form changes for a particular Dinner to the database
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="id">Id of dinner to edit</param>
        /// <param name="formValues">Incoming form parameters</param>
        /// <returns>Details for view for the dinner that was edited</returns>
        /// <remarks>
        /// The "AcceptVerbs" attribute indicates it handles HTTP Post scenarios.
        /// When the attribute is applied to overloaded action methods ASP.NET MVC
        /// automatically handles dispatching to the appropriate action method depending
        /// on the incoming HTTP verb.
        /// For details on why MVC differentiates via HTTP verbs and doesn't use the 
        /// multiple URL approach see page 64.
        /// </remarks>
        public ActionResult Edit(int id, FormCollection formValues) {
            //Call method on our DinnerRepository to get the Dinner being edited
            var dinner = _dinnerRepository.GetDinner(id);
            //Verify that a dinner was found
            if (dinner == null)
                return View("NotFound");
            //Verify that the logged-in user matches the dinner host
            if (!dinner.IsHostedBy(User.Identity.Name))
                return View("InvalidOwner");
            //The "try" block will catch errors in calling UpdateModel or when we
            //try and save the DinnerRepository, which will throw if the Dinner object
            //we are tyring to save is invalid because of a rule violation.
            try {
                //The "UpdateModel" helper method on the Controller base class supports updating
                //the properties of the object being passed to it using the incoming form parameters.
                //It uses reflection to determine the property names on the object, and then automatically
                //converts and assigns values to them based on the input values submitted by the client.
                //The method will automatically update the "ModelState" collection when it encounters errors
                //while trying to assign form values to properties on the model object.  For example putting 
                //something other than a DateTime in the EventDate field.
                //Persist the changes
                //Return the Details view for the dinner being edited
                return RedirectToAction("Details", new{id = dinner.DinnerId});
            catch {
                //Handle edit errors
                //****** The code below was refactored to an extension method in the class ControllerHelpers
                ////Loop through the rule violations and add to ModelState
                //foreach (var issue in dinner.GetRuleViolations()){
                //    //The "ModelState" property collection provides a way to indicate that
                //    //errors exist with a model object being passed to a view.  Error entries
                //    //within the the "ModelState" collection identify the name of the model 
                //    //property with the issue and allow a human-friendly error message to be specified.
                //    //HTML helper methods like "HTML.TextBox" check the "ModelState" collection to see 
                //    //if there were any errors associated with the property on the model object the control
                //    //is associated with.  If it determines that there was an error it renders the submitted user
                //    //input as the value and adds a CSS error class to the markup it generates.
                //    ModelState.AddModelError(issue.PropertyName, issue.ErrorMessage);
                //Example below uses ViewData...which is not strongly-typed
                //Add the SelectList to ViewData so the Countries drop down list is populated when rendered
                //ViewData["countries"] = new SelectList(PhoneValidator.Countries, dinner.Country);
                //Example using ViewModel which is strongly-typed
                return View(new DinnerFormViewModel(dinner));
                //Return the Dinner view
                //return View(dinner);

Thursday, May 14, 2009 1:41:12 PM (Central Daylight Time, UTC-05:00)
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