# Saturday, May 16, 2009

The first chapter of Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0 walks you through creating the basic NerdDinner site.  This is a great introduction to ASP.NET MVC but really isn’t something you could as reference for creating a real world ASP.MVC site.  With this in mind I set out on a multi part project to create a real world ASP.NET reference application based on the base NerdDinner code.

It the first installation of what I am calling NerdDinnerAdvanced I extended the base NerdDinner code in the following ways;

    • Created 3-tier architecture.  One of the major misconceptions about ASP.NET MVC is that it is a UI framework.  I think this is mainly due to the fact that the major changes that developers need to wrap their head around are in the UI.  To help alleviate this misconception I structured the MVC project architecturally that developers who have experience in n-tier architecture will find familiar.
       The layers, as you can see highlighted above, are UI, Business, and Data.  Because of the overall simplistic nature of the underlying code I did not include a Service layer.  The other projects are shared by the layers.  The Domain project contains my models and the Common project contains common utility classes.


    • The base NerdDinner code used LINQ to SQL and was content with passing the LINQ to SQL entities between the layers of the application.  I would guess that Mr. Gu did this for simplicity and brevity and not a show of best practice.  If you are asking yourself what is wrong with architecting around LINQ to SQL entities I would recommend picking up Dino Esposito’s latest book.  The main reason is that you are tightly coupling yourself to the database.  So in my Domain project I created a Models namespace and created Dinner, Rsvp, and DinnerFormView domain objects.


    •   Implemented Inversion Of Control/Dependency Injection using Structure Map.  The base NerdDinner code used manual IoC/Di in the DinnersController but I decided to take that a step further because I am on a bit of an Ioc/Di fix lately.  I implemented it on the repository and the dinner services business object as well as the Dinner and Rsvp controllers.


    • Implemented a full suite of unit testing using MOQ for mocking objects.

The code can be downloaded here.  Stay tuned for the next installment which will include nHibernate as the DAL.

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