# Thursday, March 01, 2012

In case you haven’t heard the beta version of Visual Studio 11 was released on February 29th.  You can get the bits here.  I ran into an issue when I was installing VS 11 Beta on 3 of my 4 machines and according to Microsoft.Connect others are encountering the same issue.

The issue is that the install runs just fine to about 98% complete and then hangs on Applying ultimate_finalizer.  I let this step chug away for a good hour during the my first 2 installs and then eventually canceled it.  After cancelling it you receive a message stating something along the lines of “97 of 99 components installed successfully”.  My first try I was happy with that result, those last 2 components probably weren’t all that important anyway Smile.  At first everything worked fine but then when it was time to do some actual coding and pull source down from TFS Preview I kept encountering all kinds of cryptic errors.  My first thought was to uninstall, but then I thought I would try the ‘repair’ functionality included on the VS11 Beta install.  The repair chugged for awhile and required 2 restarts.  The original install only required 1 restart.  Come to find out that 2nd restart is important because it wraps the entire process up.  So after running the repair everything is working fine.

So if you encounter this issue, this is currently the only workaround.  Check out Microsoft.Connect for details on the issue and to see if an actual bug has been found related to this issue.

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